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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Wonder Woman

So, right out of the gate, let me say this movie was bar far, I'll repeat that, BY FAR, the best the DCU has put out since MoS. Now, that being said, we can move forward and discuss this first ever film singularly depicting this TITAN of comic history and one of the HOLY TRINITY and founding members of the Justice League 

*And no, Cyborg shouldn't be there, it should be Martian Manhunter :)  

Ok, so, everything that takes place in Themiscyra was great.
The Set. Costumes. Combat. Throne and some of the best acting moments in the whole movie. Even the fight on the beach, which I thought was going to be silly, was pretty cool.  
All great. 
The two women beside Diana, her Mother (right) her aunt (left) gave great performances. Maybe we'll see them again?

Steve Trevor (Left of Diana) and his band of Misfit Soldiers were kinda, well, there as filler. Yet also somehow not needed. Kinda funny. Hints of complex backstories that went nowhere. So, they were okish. Think something on your plate that you might eat, but if you didn't, no one would be offended because the hero of the meal didn't really need anything else to make it satisfying.

******And it's not fair to make the comparison to Captain America's Band of Brothers, which to me makes more sense given he's an actual soldier and so that depth is more reasonable to spend time on, given Cap is a Hero within a war and Wonder Woman is a Hero traveling through war *Because if Aries was, say...IN LONDON, away from the FRONT LINE....the vibe of the film would've been much different. Also, Cap's guys had barely any screentime vs Wonder Woman's******

And, yes Steve's buddies, they served to tease the dynamics and complexities of THE GREAT WAR and maybe to broaden her understanding of men, each unique. But, not even close enough to stop me from wondering what could've been done, in the film, if all their screen time had gone to, say, Wonder Woman?

Just saying, fewer characters. More women. Each important. Ya know, it works really really well. 
1) Yes! Great job on the Movie character. The Comic image, well, yeah. Not good.
2) Hmm? About time spent on characters who could've used more playtime on screen, more story? Yeah, here's a good example. 
Why are all Boss Fights/Final Showdowns so hard to see? 
Why does the DCU, since MoS, love the same Fire + Smoke + Debris + Super Fast Action Sequence ALL CGI?????? Plz, someone show them there are other times to fight in and there's plenty of other things to contrast with. Also, video-game style fight scenes aren't a must, you can mix it up with real actors and real sets and real action, intermixed with the super crazy stuff. Trust me. We'll love it. 
See, you're seeing this now and you're saying to yourself "What's the big deal, I can see all this clearly" But what you've got to remember, is this is a LOOP and this is only a few seconds of the action. During the WHOLE final showdown....well, you'll get the point when you see it.

So. I'm not going to spoil the plot for you, or even talk about the Villain—who I have many thoughts about. Instead, you should go see the movie. And again, so you don't get me wrong. I really did enjoy the movie. I went with my daughters and my wife. It was great to see them watching this Goddess take her rightful place in Cinema. 
Glad DCU has something else to finally be happy with. 

Fingers crossed for the future.